Transforming Trauma into Medicine through Sacred Relationship with Self, Spirit and Mother Earth

A Journey is akin to a led mediation whose intention is to guide you in connecting with the symbolic and mythical language of you soul.

What makes it different than meditation is the use of the drum, rattle or other sound instruments/tools which help induce hypnotic trance like state. This is essential in moving through the barriers of the mind INTO the realm of spirit. In the method that I use, I guide you to use your sense’s to observe, notice and experience how your soul is speaking to you and what your higher guidance is saying.
Non-ordinary reality is a the term given to the multifaceted dimension we visit on a shamanic journey, it is often broken into three worlds; Lower, Middle and Upper – plus your place of power. Being able to ‘map’ out or ‘navigate’ your journey in non-ordinary reality is helpful in bringing clarity and intention to your experience with the Shamanic journey. If you are new to journeying and this language feels foreign to you, receiving the guidance of a qualified Shamanic practitioner will aid you in this process.

• Place of power: This is a place generally outside in nature which you visualize in your mind at the onset of the journey. It may be a place you have been before or one you are creating in the moment. It is essential that you feel safe in this space, and engage all of your senses to become aware of your surroundings. Get curious here… what colour is the sky? Is it day and night simultaneously? Is there water, mountains, meadows, prairie, forrest? Are there animals or winged ones? What does the air smell like, what does the ground feel like under your feet… and what is it made of – stone, sand, soil, grass? Notice why have chosen this space – or has it chosen you.

• Lower world:  Bearing many names through out the ages the underworld holds the secrets to our souls greatest hungers, for within its depths lays the aspects of ourselves which have been denied, rejected and lost; be it by ourselves or another.
It also holds:

  • Our need to love and be loved inclusive of all the conditioning and stories we hold around that connection 
  • Unresolved experiences of fear, trauma and powerlessness as well as their gifts and teachings
  • Issues in relationships marriage and family of origin 
  • Reoccurring patterns, false beliefs and binding ideology; the truth behind any lies we have told ourselves.
  • Healing the past

So nine times out of ten, we are journeying into the lower world.

Entrance to the underworld generally appears as a hole in the ground, a  cave or cavern, a door at the base of a tree or entrance behind a waterfall.

• Middle world: We venture into the middle world when we are seeking an answer that exists in this time and space, such as a physical object that has been lost, or a greater understanding around environmental issues. When I am traveling with work, I will often journey through the middle world first to the intended destination to ask for the permission of the Ancestors of that land, and look for any information, which may help me to be prepared for my program. It is easy to access from your place of power, by simply flying/moving over the earth.

• Upper world: The realm of our highest guidance. It is here the star nations make their council, the angels await you and the records of Akasha may be seen.  We come to the upper world when we are seeking the highest resolution of consciousness. It is common to experience the teachings of great masters, goddess and gods in this world. So it goes with out saying that this is where we come when we are in search of a guide. It is also used for accessing information about the future.

The upper world offers us external guidance, where the lower world offers us  internal guidance. Both are relevant. Access is often found through a ribbon of light leading up, flight itself into a cloud like realm or a magic carpet.

You can tell when you have moved between the worlds as there is a sense of transition in your body.

Learning how to journey is a powerful asset in developing a healthy relationship with spirit. To book a private session click here, 

Blessings and love,
Sarah Salter Kelly
White Raven Woman