Transforming Trauma into Medicine through Sacred Relationship with Self, Spirit and Mother Earth

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Healing circle & Sound bath

August 14 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm UTC-7


Sarah Salter Kelly shares her  experience of her mothers homicide as a template to support others in moving into the underworld territory of trauma. Through her inspirational story she offers foundational teachings to guide you in trusting that not only have you had the right life experiences, you have the resources within yourself to address them and transform them. She offers simple, practical, and powerful insights for the metabolization of trauma in day to day life. 

Her book,Trauma as Medicine,  is based on two primary philosophies: First, we have come to this planet to learn lessons and everything we need to grow is found in the heart of our experiences. Second, the world around us is made of an intelligent matrix of consciousness – life force – that we are in fact a part of, and we may cultivate our relationship with this life force to generate healing. 

In our healing circle Sarah will support your with a Shamanic journey to begin to bring an embodied awareness to where you are holding charged/heavy energy in your own energy body, and how you may begin to consciously address and release this. This will be followed with a Sound bath shared from Bonita

BioYears of  training in spiritual healing and personal growth, as well as a focus on earth based traditions – particularly shamanism – enable Sarah to present a guide to freedom, compassion and authentic forgiveness. She provides a path in the very life lessons which lie before us: those found at the heart of our trauma. 

For those interested in reading her book prior to attending – pick it up in Whitehorse at Aroma Borealis

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Testimonials & book reviews:

This book provides not only a story of tremendous healing but gifts the reader a thorough roadmap to navigate our own healing and ultimately contribute to the collective wellbeing of our planet. Sarah provides many pertinent reflections on our collective relationship to the First peoples of this land and the role required of each of us.”  Teresa Callihoo, MBA, Wetaskiwin AB

“Traumatized is the best word to describe myself when I started working with Sarah. I attended her Trauma as medicine retreat, did private sessions, went to healing circles and many key note speaker events. Every one of these teachings was medicine for my soul and body. I learned to love myself and awakened my Spirit from the resentment of spousal beatings and residential school trauma. Sarah is a gifted Healer and she has opened my life to see my own amazing journey unfold for the better. I talk to everyone about her teachings.” Dianne C, Edmonton

“I have gleaned the importance and the profound understanding of being able to share our stories around trauma, in order to help heal each other as a collective. The importance of being able to do it in a safe environment where we know there will be no judgment, just the pure desire to help support each other wherever we sit in this process.  – Jae Write, Vernon B.C.”

“As somebody who is new to shamanic journeys and was historically skeptical, I am so grateful that I had the open mind and I allowed myself to go on this journey! I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t have any expectations. I just went with it and the most amazing things came to me on this journey and I am in amazement. Sarah was wonderful to work with. I would definitely recommend her work to anybody who is open to the experience of learning more about themselves.” Jenn D

“A riveting read. Sarah really grips your attention every step of the way with her personal stories. Her approach is very relatable and easy to understand. A great book for those who are dipping their toes in their own healing, as Sarah creates a clear and easy format to understand tools of healing, stages of healing and how to work with them. Also a great read for any veterans on the healing path, as everyone can use a reminder or a different perspective in our continuous healing and growth. This book is for everyone.”  Dannika,Gaia Rising Nelson BC

“By mindfully melding the personal and the professional of what shared-humanity can mean when tragedy befalls us, Sarah Salter-Kelly offers hope, healing, and powerful medicine in this rich and thoughtful book.”  Margot Van Sluytman, Poet & Award Winning Restorative Justice Researcher



August 14
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm UTC-7
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7th Ray Studio
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