Transforming Trauma into Medicine through Sacred Relationship with Self, Spirit and Mother Earth

"I couldn’t put it down! This book is a must-read for those struggling to rebuild or find purpose in their lices after suffering significant loss or trauma. Trauma as Medicine immediately yanks you from your seat and throws you into Sarah Salter Kelly’s personal nightmare with gut-wrenching candor. Her subsequent quest for healing and answers becomes an alchemical journey that takes healing to a whole new level. The exercise, meditations, and ceremony included make Trauma as Medicine the perfect companion for seekers who are struggling to find their footing after immeasurable loss. Relatable and thought provoking, Trauma as Medicine is not only a riveting true story of murder and forgiveness, it also sheds important light on the devastating ripple effects of colonization and residential schools in Canada.” "

Marlene Chapman – The Urban Mystic

"Traumatized is the best word to describe myself when I started working with Sarah. I attended her Trauma as medicine retreat, did private sessions, went to healing circles and many key note speaker events. Every one of these teachings was medicine for my soul and body. I learned to love myself and awakened my Spirit from the resentment of spousal beatings and residential school trauma. Sarah is a gifted Healer and she has opened my life to see my own amazing journey unfold for the better. I talk to everyone about her teachings."

Dianna C

"By mindfully melding the personal and the professional of what shared humanity can mead when tragedy befalls us, Sarah Salter-Kelly offers hope, healing and powerful medicine in this rich and thoughtful book. "

Margo Van Sluytman

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What if our suffering holds the key to our personal and collective healing? 

In Trauma as Medicine, Sarah Salter Kelly shares her experience of her mother’s kidnapping and brutal homicide as an inspiring example of how to distill trauma into medicine. Chapter by chapter, she invites the reader to take their own journey of healing. 

Sarah’s story takes us beyond the realm of personal healing and into the collective, as she seeks to understand her mother’s murderer. This leads her to the First Nations reserve of his ancestors and real-life immersion in the history of colonization in Canada, systemic racism, and white privilege.  

Offering ceremonies, journaling, and exercises, Sarah leads you into the discomfort of your own suffering. Her work invites you to be with your pain, determine for yourself what you need, and discover the tools to proceed towards wholeness.

Areas of focus include: 

  • Connecting with your own helping spirits, guides, and ancestors 
  • Altered states, including Ayahuasca 
  • Setting healthy boundaries 
  • Tending to the victim self 
  • Tuning in to feelings  
  • Facing fear and building a strong intuition 
  • Metabolising trauma: digesting and composting the waste, assimilating the gifts 
  • Ceremonies to face a perpetrator and contemplate forgiveness 
  • Collective healing  

Years of training in spiritual healing and personal growth, as well as a focus on animistic and shamanic traditions, enable Sarah to present a guide to freedom, compassion, and authentic forgiveness. She provides a path into the very life lessons which lie before us: those found at the heart of our trauma.   


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