Transforming Trauma into Medicine through Sacred Relationship with Self, Spirit and Mother Earth

We know when part of our soul is missing. There is this indelible itch inside of our being pushing us to seek out the missing pieces, to track what is ‘lost’ and follow our soul’s natural inclination towards wholeness. It is not something we have a context for in western culture. Our model of health lacks a category to meet the needs of our soul, it is rather deferred to the religious organizations best suited to an individual’s beliefs. Yet our soul’s health impacts the energetic makeup of our being, and when ignored, or passed off as irrelevant, we are pulled out of alignment mentally, emotionally and physically.

Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic process of acknowledging and reclaiming the lost parts of our soul, through ceremony and Shamanic journey.

Here is how it works, when we go through trauma, loss or a life altering experience, reality as we know it changes and a piece of our soul fractures off that cannot contend with the new set of circumstances as this new experience of reality holds elements which are either not okay or unfathomable for this part of our being. In order to cope, this aspect is denied, cut off and separated from us. Eventually we get used to our new reality and there is no more room for this part of ourselves.

Sometimes it is not what did happen, but what didn’t happen. Such as neglect or abandonment in childhood. The part of yourself that needed to be loved in order to feel whole leaves in order to meet the fact that love will not be experienced in your home.

When an aspect of our soul leaves an agreement is formed. The experience of Soul Retrieval draws us into recognizing what this agreement is, and changing it so the lost piece feels safe in coming home. In the case of abandonment this agreement could be “I don’t need anyone else ” or “It is not safe to be me” both of which when held as a core belief impacts one’s relationships as an adult, limiting the ability to live wholeheartedly.

Through a guided shamanic journey it is possible to find the part of you that is missing relating to the specific issue or pattern we are looking at. Usually it is an aspect of your child self, who requires trust that a solid foundation may be laid in the present reality to feel safe in returning. It can be a bit of a bargaining process, and sometimes he or she doesn’t return on the first attempt. Particularly in the experience of soul loss related to trauma such as child hood sexual abuse, in order to fully return the unresolved emotions around the trauma will need to be expressed and experienced.

Symptoms of soul loss:

• Feeling like something is ‘missing’ in your life

• A listless disconnection from purpose

• Unsure of who you are

• Stuck in recurring patterns

• Struggle with being able to accept love

• Overcome with fear and powerlessness

• Unable to dream

• Addictive tendencies

Often shows up with:



•Life changing circumstances

•Childhood wounds

We are so hungry for what is missing we fill that space with anything we can; often unhealthy distractions such as alcohol, an overloaded schedule and an obsessive need to be always ‘doing’. Yet our soul-parts have their own homing signal…. They want to return, sensing the gravitational pull to the centre and when we are ready to listen, it is time for Soul Retrieval.

A Soul Retrieval process with me is broken into the following four sessions:

  1. First Session – Identifying the present energy pattern that indicates soul loss.
  2. Second Session – Tracking when the soul loss occurred and naming the restricting beliefs related to it.
  3. Third Session – Ceremony to express unresolved pain and tend to the victim.
  4. Fourth Session — The Soul Retrieval Journey to call the lost part home.

Preparing for you session:

  • Be sitting upright in a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed. You might want access to a space to lie down or rest during the shamanic journey (guided meditation).
  • Have a bowl of water or smudge, journal, pen, and stone you have gathered from somewhere on the ground.
  • Sit quietly in silence–in meditation if you have a practice–or just tune into your breath.  Use your exhale to let go of your day and your inhale to connect with your intention for working with me.

Cost $544 for 4 sessions 60 minutes each