Transforming Trauma into Medicine through Sacred Relationship with Self, Spirit and Mother Earth

Trauma as Medicine: a DIY book for healing trauma & transforming your life

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What if our suffering holds the key to our personal and collective healing? 

In Trauma as Medicine, Sarah Salter Kelly shares her experience of her mother’s kidnapping and brutal homicide as an inspiring example of how to distill trauma into medicine. Chapter by chapter, she invites the reader to take their own journey of healing. 

Sarah’s story takes us beyond the realm of personal healing and into the collective, as she seeks to understand her mother’s murderer. This leads her to the First Nations reserve of his ancestors and real-life immersion in the history of colonization in Canada, systemic racism, and white privilege.  

Offering ceremonies, journaling, and exercises, Sarah leads you into the discomfort of your own suffering. Her work invites you to be with your pain, determine for yourself what you need, and discover the tools to proceed towards wholeness.

Areas of focus include: 

Connecting with your own helping spirits, guides, and ancestors 

Altered states, including Ayahuasca 

Setting healthy boundaries 

Tending to the victim self 

Tuning in to feelings  

Facing fear and building a strong intuition 

Metabolising trauma: digesting and composting the waste, assimilating the gifts 

Ceremonies to face a perpetrator and contemplate forgiveness 

Collective healing  

Years of training in spiritual healing and personal growth, as well as a focus on animistic and shamanic traditions, enable Sarah to present a guide to freedom, compassion, and authentic forgiveness. She provides a path into the very life lessons which lie before us: those found at the heart of our trauma.   


3 reviews for Trauma as Medicine: a DIY book for healing trauma & transforming your life

  1. sarahsalterkelly

    Coming home to myself
    “I have suffered trauma in my past, and as a result was left with feelings of incompleteness, feeling ‘fragmented’, off-balance, and at times extreme loneliness. I constantly had this feeling that something in my life was missing. Although, I felt ‘over’ my past difficult experiences, no amount of companionship, or material items could fill these empty feelings, or ‘set me right’. I came to Sarah for help. Through our sessions, I was able to find parts of myself that had long fallen away. The experience was completely unexpected and amazing. The long term results even more so. Now, I never feel lonely. I feel much more confidant, and nurtured. All of these feelings come from within, I no longer look out-wards for security or comfort, it just not needed. My expectations of close personal relationships look very different now. I feel much more whole from finding myself through this process.”
    ~Laurie Nordberg, Edmonton Alberta

  2. sarahsalterkelly


    With gratitude I give to you, a prayer of peace in all you do. For love, for laughter and healing light, that enables us through our dark night. I thank you Sarah for the wise words you give, the gentle nudge, and the cleansing smudge. The walks we take where spirit resides, cleansing and cleaning our issues inside. I wish you peace and I wish you love. May you dance in the light of God bringing goodness and truth to all you do.

    Renee 2013

  3. sarahsalterkelly

    “Sarah is a sincere healer, who creates and holds a warm and inviting space for healing and growth. Having worked with shamanic practitioners from all over the world, I can highly recommend Sarah’s service. Thank you again!”
    Mar 3, 2017

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