Transforming Trauma into Medicine through Sacred Relationship with Self, Spirit and Mother Earth

5-Part Forgiveness Sessions

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When we are holding someone else responsible for what is not resolved within our lives that energy impedes our ability to live as whole and healthy human beings. In these sessions we focus on one person you want to forgive (inclusive of ourselves) and take time to explore what is needed for this to unfold.

It is based on my experience in forgiving the person who killed my mother and inspired by the affirmation on her bathroom mirror at the time of her death…

“I forgive myself”

“I forgive everyone”

“I am free”

Sessions are broken down as follows:

1 – Who is it

The person you need to forgive is attached to you energetically. In this session you enter non ordinary reality through shamanic journey, to get a clear  ‘felt sense’ of what happened, who this person is and how the issue at hand is affecting you on a day-to-day basis – body, mind and spirit.

2 – Victim self

Our experience of shame, guilt, suffering, and helplessness seek expression. When repressed they surface subliminally in resentment or anger. Today we take time to tend to the needs of the victim self as the first act of reclaiming your power.

3 – Wolf Medicine

It is through body of the wolf all may be transformed. In this session you learn to metabolize your experience of suffering from the perspective of the predator rather than the prey, tracking heavy energy and beginning to digest its impact.

4 – Seeing the other

The courage to ‘see’ the person who hurt us as a human being and recognize their humanity changes our point of view. Understanding and compassion are fundamentals in forgiveness. In this session we explore these topics and how to authentically experience them without feeling like you are giving a part of yourself away in the process.

5 – Medicine

In this session we journey to discover medicine of this wound – what exactly are the unique gifts and teachings it has brought into your life – and what is necessary to claim them.



Cost: $688 paid in full or $150/75 minute session

Preparing for you session:

  • Be sitting upright in a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed. You might want access to a space to lie down or rest during the shamanic journey (guided meditation).
  • Have a bowl of water or smudge, journal, pen, and stone you have gathered from somewhere on the ground.
  • Sit quietly in silence–in meditation if you have a practice–or just tune into your breath.  Use your exhale to let go of your day and your inhale to connect with your intention for working with me.

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4 reviews for 5-Part Forgiveness Sessions

  1. sarahsalterkelly

    Thank you Sarah!
    “I have seen Sarah several times now, and each time, I experience deeper healing. Even just explaining my problems to her, she is so in tune and has so much wisdom to help shed light on things I never realized, and guides me in a way that supports me to figure it out on my own. She holds a state of sincere presence, confidence, stability, and other words, she holds space for me while I unfold my journey. I trust her. She truly is an amazing healer.”
    May 21, 2019

  2. sarahsalterkelly

    Compassionate Healer
    “Sarah was a comfort right from the start. So much that I found myself emotional within minutes of meeting her. I felt so safe with her and that’s so important to me in a someone I choose as my healer. Immediately after our session I noticed a block had been opened and information flowed to me for days. So many needed messages and realizations. Thank you for what you put forward into this world Sarah. So grateful to have come to see you. See you soon dear one.”
    Oct 29, 2017
    Vanessa B

  3. sarahsalterkelly

    Profound healing experience
    “I have been working with Sarah for a little over three months. Sarah has facilitated, and helped ignite an incredibly deep and profound soul healing experience for me. Trauma of my past has resulted in me living a life without a lot of meaning, addictions, regret, and a deep loneliness. Sarah has helped me connect again with my essence, enabling me to be more in touch with what is right for me and show up in the world with authenticity. Truly a gift beyond measure. ”
    July 14, 2017

  4. sarahsalterkelly

    You are not alone
    “What an incredible gift it is to be able to show up and just be ME. Exactly how I am right now.. And to be with someone so willing to hold space for me & help me & not feel like i have to hide anything anymore or sugar coat it.. The truth is that right now I’m Sick, tired, in pain, frustrated with it all & I’m also on a beautiful path of healing. During our Journey process, I was so clearly reminded that I do KNOW what is truth for me & that I don’t have to do this alone! Thankyou Sarah ”
    Mar 1, 2017
    Tanya Desaulniers

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